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Maps & Graphics

Below you'll find projects I've worked on collaboratively or on my own.

Mockup of NSRC site

NSRC Mapping

Medium: Interactive Web Map
Using: CARTO.js, Highcharts, JS
Political Polarization Map

Election Mapping

Medium: Interactive Web Map
Using: Leaflet, Highcharts, JS
Political Polarization Map

Political Polarization

Medium: Print
Using: ArcMap, Illustrator
Transit Map in Hattiesburg

Urban Planning Maps

Medium: Print
Using: ArcMap, Illustrator
Local Maps in Hattiesburg

Custom Basemaps

Medium: Print
Using: ArcMap, Photoshop
A selection of other graphics


Medium: Digital, Print
Using: Illustrator



  • Cartography
  • Urban Studies
  • Electoral Politics
  • Writing & Editing
  • Labor Economics
  • Food Security


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Leaflet
  • R
  • QGIS
  • Git
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • ArcGIS
  • Spanish
  • AP Style
  • Data Analysis

Honors & Awards

  • Merle C. Prunty Distinguished Undergraduate
  • Student Advisory Council Appointee
  • Standard Bearer of the Honors College


Click for more on past positions and experiences.

Toledo, Spain

InfoGraphics Lab

Graduate Research Assistant

January 2018—present

Toledo, Spain

University of Oregon

Graduate Teaching Assistant

September 2017—present

Toledo, Spain

Fulbright Program

English Teaching Assistant

September 2016—June 2017

Beach town in California


Content Coordinator

January 2016—June 2016

White House

Obama White House

White House Fellows Intern

May 2015—August 2015

Downtown Hattiesburg

Metropolitan Planning Organization

GIS & Cartographic Intern

January 2015—November 2015


  • American flag


    America's Electoral Problem: Voter Migration and Political Polarization

    As more young people flock to America's liberal, urban centers either seeking more job opportunities or lifestyles that more closely resemble their values, our electoral system and procedures remain unchanged. In a quantitative study grounded in ethnographic research, I explore the impact of interstate voter migration on political polarization in the United States and how it has long-term (detrimental) impacts on our unchanging system of representation. (photo courtesy of HARRIS.news)

  • Churros con chocolate in Spain


    You Are What You Eat: Gastronomy & Geography of Southern Spain

    While we often do not consider the origins of the foods we eat, they can tell a powerful narrative of our own histories, revealing the most dominant forces that have brought us to the present. Using empirical and numeric data, this study explores the use of food as a proxy to understand the cultural-historical geography of southern Spain. After spending three months in Granada, Spain, and counting 1,379 ingredients from a total of 212 recipes, I compiled the most common thirty-five ingredients to gain insight into the most impactful chapters of Spanish history. Here's a link for some fun photos and more info. (Winner of Excellence in Research from the University of Southern Mississippi Honors College and 1st Place Drapeau Undergraduate Research Award in Global Studies)

  • A Caribbean restaurant in Mississippi

    Spring 2015

    Curry & California Rolls: Measuring Economies with Restaurant Diversity in Mississippi

    I researched the use of restaurant diversity as a proxy for studying economic health in cities in Mississippi and uncovered that the data suggests that a variety of international restaurants can stand as an economic indicator, especially when excluding outliers. It is indicative of higher per capita family income, lower unemployment, higher education, and high-skill industry.

  • Hershey Mill in Cuba

    Fall 2014

    Sustainable Development in Cuba

    I studied the history of sustainable development in Latin America and in Cuba with a particular focus on the future sustainable use of the Hershey Mill to aid my professor, Dr. Mark Miller, in his own investigation of changing perceptions of environmentalism in the region. Check out the full journal article here.
    (photo courtesy of Hershey Archives)

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Katherine Perry

Kati Perry

I'm a Mississippi native, and I'm most excited about beautiful maps, U.S. elections, graphic design, and the perfect bowl of gumbo. I'm motivated by a challenge, moved by high-impact undertakings, and inspired by projects that bring positive change to the world.


BS Geography, BA Spanish MA Geography
December 2015 (anticipated) June 2019
Unversity of Southern Mississippi University of Oregon
Hattiesburg, MS Eugene, OR
4.0 GPA, summa cum laude 4.0 GPA

BA Geography, BS Spanish, summa cum laude
December 2015
University of Southern Mississippi
Hattiesburg, MS

MA Geography
June 2019
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR